Ever wonder just how fast your dog may be?

Moore County Kennel Club now hosts Coursing Ability Tests, or “CAT.”

Fast CAT is a timed 100-yard dash. Dogs run one at a time, chasing a lure. It has become very popular! You can earn titles and even vie to become one of the 20 fastest dogs by your breed.

Both purebreds and mixed breed dogs can join in the fun. Be sure to check out information about eligibility at the bottom of this page.

A CAT is a 300- or 600-yard long course, which dogs must finish in less that 1 1/2 minutes and 2 minutes respectively.

February 9-11, 2024

Friday, Saturday, Sunday


CLICK HERE FOR PREMIUM (the info you need to enter)

Shadow Hill Training Center

1723 Belford Church Rd, Jackson Springs, NC 27281

Eligibility—Competition Eligibility To participate in FAST CAT®, your dog must be:

At least 12 months of age.

Have an AKC number via one of the following:

  • AKC Registration as one of the AKC’s recognized breeds.
  • AKC Canine Partners, which is for mixed-breed dogs and dogs ineligible for AKC registration.
  • Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) program, which is for purebred dogs that cannot be fully registered with the AKC to participate in AKC events.
  • Foundation Stock Service®(FSS), which is for recorded breeds on the road to full AKC recognition.In addition:
    • Spayed and neutered dogs are eligible to compete in these events and are welcome.Dogs with Limited or Conditional Registration are eligible to participate.Females in season are not eligible to participate.
    An inspection committee will also inspect each dog for lameness and fitness to compete.