Pinehurst Police K9

Moore County Kennel Club is pleased to support The Village of Pinehurst’s first K9 officer, Bogey.

AKC’s Reunite has a program that matches each $2,500 Club donation with a $7,500 donation.

The result is a total of $10,000 in support of our community.

As the Pinehurst Police Department’s first four-legged recruit, Bogey will be tasked with sniffing out narcotics and finding missing residents. Officer Keith Gorham will serve as the dog’s handler. 

The purchase of the police dog was first proposed during a meeting of the Village Council in March 2019. Jeff Sanborn, the village manager, at the time said the animal would cost about $35,000 during its first year of service, with the annual expense being “significantly less” after that.