Springfest 2022 Report

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It takes a Village. No doubt. And Moore County Kennel Club proves that every year.

As I write this evening, Saturday, April 30, 2022, I am dog tired. And so is my dog, Brielle. As most of you know, today was Springfest, and our Club Members banded together to put on what everyone at the festival widely recognized as the best booth there. The purpose of our booth was to build awareness and attendance to our Dog Show next weekend, May 7-8, 2022.

Our Club Carpenter Extraordinaire, Bill Pace, built a Therapy Booth, reminiscent of the one from the Peanuts Comic Strip from the 70’s. It is super cute, and it would not have been possible without Robert and Ruth Stolting’s Booth Ferrying Service to and from the festival with their enormously large Expedition.

Our Set Up Committee, which included Patty Pace and Kathy Scheidemann, was top notch. Not only did they get this very quirky tent up, but they really set up a beautiful double area with huge signage, baby gates and our Therapy Booth. They are both pulling double duty, as both are Members of the Golden Retriever Club and are getting ready for their events at our Show site on Thursday and Friday. Patty was also trying to coordinate Volunteers.

Bill Pace was unable to enjoy the day with us, as he was rubbing out the stickers that sometimes crop up in one section of the Polo Fields. He was using this crazy apparatus that was invented by our President Jane Hammett Bright. I saw the two of them working on it on Friday – we’re talking hot heavy work.

First shift started prior to the 10 am opening. Mary Wood talked to many people about the importance of Therapy Dogs, and introduced many, I’m sure, to their first view of a Berger Picard. Remy was an angel, as always.

Jane Hammett Bright brought a three very well behaved and socialized dogs – two Shelties (Julie and another) and one Border Collie (America- who I was thinking about walking away with). She talked to a lot of people about how much fun it is to belong to our club. And she even did a demonstration of Scent Work that was very well received.

Betty Chapman brought Autumn the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier for the 2nd shift. She was adored by many. And she also demonstrated grooming and spoke one on one with some people that wanted to get involved in the Sport of Purebred Dogs. Betty worked the crowd, and even successfully got a $50 Dog Show sponsor!!

When I am reincarnated, I would like to be one of Ursula Walsh’s dogs. Ursula brought her 10-month-old Norwich Terrier, Oz. She was at first concerned that this little firecracker would be the worst behaved. But it took minutes for this smart little guy to get with the program. Once he figured out that his nose was supposed to face out, and his tail was supposed to face inside the booth – he was a superstar, charming and sweet talking to everyone, young and old, that went by. I am very pleased to report that I got to spend some quality time with Oz, and still have all my fingers and all my toes.

It was fascinating listening to Andrea Pogue speak. She and Bonnie the Boxer were prepared for their Rally Demonstration with Rally signs and assistant/friends they brought with. Andrea also did a presentation on what it is like to do Therapy Work with your dog. But I think my favorite part of Andrea’s participation was when she was introducing Bonnie through the Therapy Booth, encouraging people to come to our show, and letting them know her favorite thing about attending a conformation show – seeing at least 3 breeds she had never seen every time. She is a born teacher!

Naomi Johnson was wonderful, bringing 3 rescue dogs (during 2 shifts), one of which was a foster. They were wonderful with the crowds. And she was great at letting folks know that their coming to our Dog Show would help the Dog Charities we support. I’m looking forward to seeing what Naomi, with the other members of the Fun Committee, have in store for us.

I’ve never seen a dog that loves to kiss as much as Don and Susan Bierer’s Flat Coated Retriever Peate. No one is a stranger to this special guy, who is also somewhat of a clown. Just ask Don about his recent exploits in Open A Obedience. Everyone loved Peate – and Don is enlisting every person to come root for Peate when he competes at our dog shows. And I’ll bet many will. Susan was delightful to see, and took so many photos, which you all will be able to enjoy in The Barker.

Erica, John and their son, James Brode, brought their lovely Pembroke Corgi, Ruger. James was super helpful. He handed out Dog Show Schedules to passersby and I think he will make a wonderful Junior Handler. His Dad, John, was on the spot when it was time to make sure James stayed entertained. And Mom, Erica, was wonderful with Ruger, who was so sweet and charming to passersby. They are new Members, so please make sure to find them and welcome them to our club when you see them at our shows.

Patricia Jugeat is applying for Membership with our club. She and her Jack Russell spent a lot of time greeting people to the booth and encouraging them to come to the show. The little one was lovely – and even let us know when he wanted to have his turn to rest.

Not enough can be said for Karolynne McAteer and her contributions. As Dog Show Chair, she had spent her morning working on the site. But then arrived with Irish Setter Zac for her shift AND did a presentation on Purpose Bred Dogs. She told her audience that each of their dogs have a purpose in their home, whether it be as a pet or protector, and that has value. She went on to explain that Purpose Bred Dogs have been bred to excel at a particular necessary job. And she elaborated.

Before I go any further, please allow me to gush about my own dog, German Shepherd Brielle. She’s an 8-year-old purpose bred dog, who worked several shifts at the Therapy Window, but also gave a lovely Obedience and Tricks demonstration, where she showed an engaged and applauding crowd of 20-30 how she can pick a scented article from a pile (off the hot asphalt), Heeling off lead, Hand Signals, as well as her acting talent – specifically her bark that she used in “Goodbye Butterfly,” the movie she was in. She got her photo taken by many, including The Sway and The Pilot – watch for it.

The event ended at 4:00 PM. And we were all exhausted when the cavalry came in to save us. DJ & Lynette McMoran brought their can-do and made sure we were packed up and out within 30 minutes. I’m pretty sure that if there are angels on earth it is them. Just when I thought I couldn’t raise my arms one more time, they were there and did so much of the heavy work, along with of course Patty Pace and Karolynne McAteer. The booth was loaded once again into Ruth and Robert Stolting’s Ford Excursion and was ferried back to the show site.

Treasurer Betty Chapman has reported that all those dollar bills added up to $236. Betty has a way of always summarizing what is right with an event: “The impressive part of this was the 136 one-dollar bills that represent a lot of different individuals putting into the box…. Nice impact that they were moved to do so.  I saw a mom with two young children, each child putting their $ into the box, a lesson in sharing and caring for our canine companions.”

I just wish to thank everyone that supported this event. And I challenge all to continue the momentum into and through our amazing upcoming dog shows. If you haven’t been in touch with Bill Pace or Patty Pace for a job, I encourage you to contact them.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Mantel Pfann

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