September 14, 2022 Meeting

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BY September 12, 2022
SEPTEMBER 14, 2022

Table on the Green Restaurant at Midland Country Club

5:00 PM – Board-Only Meeting

Announce Selection of Nominating Committee

6:00 PM – General Membership – Visitors are welcome!


Meet the Berger Picard – Mary Wood

The Berger Picard was recognized as a breed by the AKC in 2015.

The very image of a sagacious and worldly Frenchman

loyal / good-natured / observant

Picards spent centuries as take-charge independent problem-solvers

Erect ears standing 4 to 5 inches high

Wavy fawn or brindle coat

Strong tail that tapers to a distinctive J-hook.

Males stand as high as 26 inches, and females as low as 21 inches.

The eyes are dark and glistening

Rectangular head is furnished with shaggy eyebrows, beard, and mustache

The Berger Picard is an ideal companion for athletic owners.

Their rugged constitution, agility, and boundless energy make them eager partners in all kinds of sports, games, and outdoor pastimes.

Exercise is a must; prolonged idleness and neglect will likely lead these sensitive, super-smart dogs to destructive behavior.