The Club has been meeting at Table on the Green for several years. Options are being considered. A questionnaire was passed around at the January Meeting inquiring what would be most important to the Membership in a new meeting space.

There were 23 Members present at this meeting (about half of our Membership):

  1. 15 said it had to have good food.
  2. 12 said it needed to be moderately priced.
  3. 9 said it could be located in Pinehurst.
  4. 7 Said it could be located in Southern Pines.
  5. 7 said the restaurant would need to provide a separate room for us.
  6. 4 said that easy parking was preferred.
  7. 4 said a full bar was preferred.
  8. 2 said being able to Pot Luck would work for them.
  9. 1 said they would be good with a place where you could BYOB.
  10. 1 said they would be good with a place in Aberdeen.
  11. 1 also said they would be ok with a place in Carthage.

There were also some write in suggestions:

A room with space for screen and projector.

A place we can bring our dogs.

Large enough tables to speak with other members (more social).


Keep your eyes open for possible meeting locations:

Decent Food. Larger tables or only ONE HUGE table fitting 30 or so people. A separate room to hear one another.

You may know of a place. You may know of a private restaurant owner who would open up one Wednesday Night per month for our Private Meeting. Centrally located.

Feel free to ask the Owner/Manager if hosting our meeting would be desirable. And then contact a Board Member with what you find out.