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Meeting Minutes

MOORE COUNTY KENNEL CLUB OF NORTH CAROLINA Membership Meeting Minutes Feb 7, 2024 The February 2024 Membership Meeting of the Moore County Kennel Club of North Carolina was held on February 7, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. in the meeting room of The Table on the Green Restaurant, 2205 Midland Rd, Pinehurst, NC. The meeting was […]

January Board Minutes

January 2, 2024 CALL TO ORDER – 6:08 PM READING OF MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING – CLICK HEREWaived Reading REPORT OF PRESIDENT THANK OUTGOING BOARD MEMBERS: Bill Pace, Karolynne McAteer, Betty Chapman REPORT OF TREASURER Abbreviated Report – identical versus last December $75,817. Turning over to Melissa after it is presented to Membership. Approved Report. […]


The Final Board Meeting in 2023. First, thank you to our outgoing Board Members. You have been among the most talented and hardest working board members ever for this club. Thank you for your Leadership and Commitment to our Club.

At this meeting, the board discussed the Treasury, Membership, New Software, the Upcoming (now past) Holiday Party, The Benefits of using Rising Star for Agility, FAST CAT and CAT Trials, the Palmetto To Pines Cluster, as well as a commitment to apply branding to each of our events.


The January Agility Trials were the most successful in the club’s history. A big thank you to the committee: Sandy Fischer, Karen Wlodarski, Sherry Holm, Sara Peterson and Ursula Walsh. The comparisons versus other events are detailed below. This was the first event at the new location, Rising Star. And the other marked difference was […]