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The January Agility Trials were the most successful in the club’s history. A big thank you to the committee: Sandy Fischer, Karen Wlodarski, Sherry Holm, Sara Peterson and Ursula Walsh. The comparisons versus other events are detailed below. This was the first event at the new location, Rising Star. And the other marked difference was […]

Treasury Report – December

Betty reported our December 2022 net balance is $75,961.12 (compared to $82,649.65 in December 2021). Overall, our charitable expenditures accounted for approximately $4,200 of that difference – in 2021 we donated $16,200 to charity, versus $20,498 in 2022. Betty’s recommendations for 2023 donation can be found on the MCKC Charitable Contributions Report (1/1/10-2022).

Membership Meeting

November 9, 2022 Present: Betty Chapman, Beth Verner, Jane Hammett Bright, Patricia Jugeat, Carol Dowd, Kamalbake, Brenda Lewis, Karolynne McAteer, Lynette McMoran, Bill Pace, Patty Pace, Ellen Mantel Pfann, Kathy Scheideman, Lisa Schrank, Robert Stolting, Ruth Stolting, Ursula Walsh, Marjorie Riddle Watson Guests Attending: Melissa DeWitt, Kathy Pellerino, Katherine Rice, Ken Rice, Nanette Zeller, Shelley […]

MINUTES – June 8, 2022

BOARD MEETING Present: Betty Chapman, Carol Dowd Kamalbake, Bill Pace, Patty Pace, Ellen Pfann, Ursula Walsh. 5:19 PM – Meeting called to order by Vice President Patty Pace (President Jane Hammett Bright was absent). PRESIDENTS REPORT – No Report TREASURERS REPORT – Betty Chapman MAY 2022 SHEET Currently have $82,667.16 in our combined accounts. Number […]