February 2022 Minutes

Wednesday,  February 9, 2022

The meeting was called to order by President Jane Hammett Bright at 6:05PM.

Ellen Pfann discussed working  on the website and blog, so they both work in the same fashion, and offer more features.  More info on this topic as Ellen gathers options.

Ellen discussed a possible new URL for the website.  Discussion at this time seemed to surround retaining what is already known.  Again, more info forthcoming and hopefully when there are more members attending with ideas.

Membership.  Report by Marjorie Watson on the state of new members, and to report that the current membership is up to date.   There are new members who have applied, but have not paid their dues yet, so she cannot add them to the membership list. 

A treasurer’s report had been forwarded by Betty Chapman, and acknowledgement of three “thank you” note from Pet Responsibility, MIRA and Take the Lead.

Karolynne McAteer spoke briefly on the need for volunteers to run an efficient dog show in May.   So far no one has willingly stepped up to offer assistance with Vendors, Catalogue Sales, Parking assistance.   This will be pursued during the March and April meetings

Jane read a report from Bill Pace on the grounds and plans for set up at the Polo Field early in the week of May 2.  To date the plan is to have the tents fully erected and operational by Monday May 2 and to be inspected with fire extinguishers by May 3.    Golden Retriever events begin on Thursday May 5.  The MCKC shows begin on Saturday and Sunday May 7 and 8.


The MCKC support of our police dogs at Southern Pines police department and at the Pinehurst Police department.   Karolynne is set to visit those two departments during mid February.


Ellen reminded all of us that the Spring Fest is Saturday April 30 (the weekend before our show) and we have a double booth at this event.   Volunteers to help erect the booth and well-behaved dogs to meet and greet the public, are needed.  We will have printed judging programs to hand out for our show on hand .  It is a wonderful opportunity to let the general public know about MCKC.

Carol Dowd committed to ferns and flowers for the show, and for the photo set up.  They always make such a nice appearance at the Hospitality tent.

There being no additional business, the meeting was adjourned by Jane at 6:58PM.

Submitted by:  Karolynne McAteer, Recording Secretary

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