March 9, 2022 General Meeting

The ZOOM meeting was called to order at 6:05PM by President Jane Hammett-Bright

In attendance were President Jane Hammett-Bright, Marjorie Riddle Watson Ellen Pfann, Karolynne McAteer, Kathleen Scheiderman, Nancy Wargas, Patty Pace, Bill Pace, Andrea Pogue, Betty Chapman, Carol Dowd Kamalbake, David Kirkland, Stephen Roman, Erica Brode, Lynette McMoran, Robert Robert Stolting, Ruth Stolting and Feli Joeller

Minutes of the February meeting were approved.

Treasurer, Betty Chapman, presented the treasurer’s report, with explanations of where we are today.

Betty reported that Charitable donations had been accomplished, with the exception of the police dogs for Pinehurst and Southern Pines.   Karolynne McAteer has visited both police stations to have discussions with the Canine handlers and about their needs.   Karolynne further commented that Moore County Sherriff Department has added a canine officer to their ranks.  She will reach out to see if they have specific canine needs.

Jane reported that there is no updated Agility report at this meeting. 

Jane further reported on the need to involve juniors, and the AKC’s reminder regarding a Juniors Liaison at the club.  There will be further discussion in April on this subject. 

See the description of the JUNIORS COORDINATOR from an earlier Barker.

Patty Pace made a report on where events at the May dog show were, in their process, and what committees for the show needed additional members.   Happily the parking committee is now completed.

Bill Pace reported on the needs of the site, and the days in which tents would be erected and then inspected.   Bill is looking for assistance during set up days, so at the April meeting we will finalize the needs of that committee.

Karolynne reported further on the show itself, and reminded us that this is a club event, and there are  still committees that need help.  (eg selling catalogues)  Again, this will be finalized at April meeting.

Karolynne and Patty reiterated the need for a judging schedule to be posted on our website, and Ellen reminded us that we need it early enough to make copies for the Springfest in Southern Pines on April 30 (one week before our show.

Ellen went over the Southern Pines Springfest schedule, from set up, through all presentations to the public, and by the time the call had ended, the slots were almost completely filled..  We could still have more help for the booth (so people have an opportunity to see a lot of different dogs), as well as set up and breakdown.

In closing, members discussed the issues in Ukraine for people and their pets, and the need to help.   MCKC voted to support the efforts via the AKC researched humanitarian efforts; there is a copy of the press release in Barker, with a link to donate.   

Submitted by Karolynne McAteer

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