• Net profits from the Agility show was $5,182.48
  • We received a $300 refund from AKC for the fees the club paid for the 2020 Dog Show that was cancelled.
  • Our income total is $6,331.48, which included the Agility Show, MBF Balance, May Dog Show Sponsorship Payments, COVID Refund and a New Member Membership Fee.
  • We paid the Vet Tech Program $4,000 in scholarship money, and received thank you notes.
  • We paid $1,000 to the Pet Responsibility Committee, which was a bonus to our regular donation, bringing their total to $3,000.
  • The club moved an additional $14,000 into a Money Market Account. There is now a total of $44,652 in the Money Market. The board approved putting a total of $60,000