2022 09 14 Membership Meeting


Jefferie Lynn Cade, Betty Chapman, Lynn Cox, Jane Hammett-Bright, Naomi Johnson, Patricia Jugeat, Carol Dowd Kamalbake, Karolynne McAteer, Lynette McMoran, Bill Pace, Patty Pace, Ellen Pfann, Kathy Scheideman, Beth Verner, Ursula Walsh, Marjorie Riddle Watson, Mary Wood.

GUESTS: Alicia Alviani, Alexis Luevanos

Called To Order at 6:10 PM
Treasurer – August Report

No Income


Canine Health Foundation – $2,500

May 2023 Dog Show Registration with AKC – $250

Regular Monthly Food Bank Donation via Chewy – $225.10

Year To Date Total is $3,000 ahead of 2021.


Application for Marianne Melucci – General Membership voted unanimously to welcome Marianne to our club as a member.

ACTION ITEM – Welcome Letter – Marjorie

Introduced Guests – Alicia Alviani and Alexis Luevanos – 2nd meeting.

Application for Alicia is in and she has her sponsors.


A reminder to the Membership that brags need be in writing to publish to the website, and to please respond to Ellen’s emails with a photo as well as the information on your brag.


October 28-30, 2022 Trials – will be held at Bon-Clyde

January 20-22, 2023 Trials will be held at Rising Star Canine Ranch
8342 W. Harrell Rd, Oak Ridge, NC. This is a new facility.

ACTION ITEM – post January Trial to the Website – URSULA / ELLEN


Sunday, September 25, 2022 – AGILITY DAY

10 AM – 2 PM

Shadow Hill Training Center, Jackson Springs

Water and Snacks will be provided

Course set ups for Beginners and Advanced

RSVP by Thursday, September 22, 2022 to Carol Dowd Kamalbake

ACTION ITEM – Ellen to provide Carol Dowd with Ad / Brochure to be emailed out by 9/16. Ellen to share event with The Pines Times WITH RSVP

Wednesday, October 12, 2022 – DOG WALK, TALK, DINE & BREW

5:00 PM – Meet in Pinehurst Brewery Parking Lot with Dogs – go for walk through arboretum.

6:00 PM – Meet back at Pinehurst Brewery on outside patio – for club announcements

TO FOLLOW – Dinner together at Pinehurst Brewery


Judging Panel Confirmed

Goldens paid their insurance

Photographer is booked


AKC’s Bailey’s Book Club will appear on PBS at 8:00 PM September 15

FARM FEST – share information on Fundraiser for MIRA with General Membership and add it to Barker / Website