BOARD Meeting Minutes

August 10, 2022

PRESENT: Betty Chapman, Carol Dowd Kamalbake, Jane Hammett-Bright, Karolynne McAteer, Ursula Walsh,

Meeting brought to order by President Jane Hammett-Bright at 5:15 PM.


  • Net profits from the Agility show was $5,182.48
  • We received a $300 refund from AKC for the fees the club paid for the 2020 Dog Show that was cancelled.
  • Our income total is $6,331.48, which included the Agility Show, MBF Balance, May Dog Show Sponsorship Payments, COVID Refund and a New Member Membership Fee.
  • We paid the Vet Tech Program $4,000 in scholarship money, and received thank you notes.
  • We paid $1,000 to the Pet Responsibility Committee, which was a bonus to our regular donation, bringing their total to $3,000.
  • The club moved an additional $14,000 into a Money Market Account. There is now a total of $44,652 in the Money Market. The board approved putting a total of $60,000

MEMBERSHIP – Marjorie Riddle Watson (by phone)

  • Approval of Patricia Jugeat’s membership to be put forth at General Meeting was approved by acclamation.


  • The Board Voted to support the Canine Health Foundation’s General Fund with a donation of $2,500 in 2022. The donation will be evaluated annually.
  • The Club donates $2,500 each to The Pinehurst Police K9, The Southern Pines Police K9, as well as now the Moore County Sherrif K9 annually. AKC’s Reunite has a program that matches each of those donations with a $7,500 donation. That means that the efforts of OUR CLUB has resulted in a total of $30,000 to benefit law enforcement in our county. THAT’s A BIG IMPACT.
  • AKC just announced they are about to donate to their 200th dog nationally. That’s a reason to celebrate pure bred dogs. More to come in the Barker Blog!
  • A conversation of AKC PAC that encourages the rights to dog ownership and purebred dog ownership, breeding, dog sports, etc. The club cannot directly donate to any PAC. More information will come in the Barker about how our Membership can support this important cause independently.

FUN COMMITTEE – Carol Dowd Kamalbake

  • Today’s General Meeting will feature PEMBROKE WELSH CORGIS – Carol brought in “Fancy”
  • September – Meet The Breed TBA
  • Sunday, September 25 – Agility Fun at Jane’s Farm. Open to the Public. Board approved a budget not to exceed $400. Details to come.
  • Wednesday, October 12 Regular Meeting at Pinehurst Brewery. One mile dog walk prior to regular meeting. Eat at Brewery afterward. Board Meeting would have to be by zoom or cancelled. We would also need to let the Table on the Green Restaurant know we won’t be attending that day.
  • Halloween Weekend – AKC Fast Cat at Janes (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • Wednesday, November 9 – Karolynne will look into having Dr. Darin Collins come to speak on the importance of the Canine Health Foundation.
  • January 2023 – Scent Work Training Event
  • The Board approved the events by acclamation.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 PM.