August 10, 2022

Meeting Brought to order by President Jane at 6:20 PM.


Jefferie Cade, Betty Chapman, Lynn Cox, Jane Hammett Bright, Naomi Johnson, Carol Dowd Kamalbake, Brenda Lewis, Karolynne McAteer, DJ McMoran, Lynette McMoran, Ellen Pfann, Kathleen Scheideman, Lisa Schrank, Robert & Ruth Stolting, Ursula Walsh, Mary Wood, Beth Verner.


Alicia Alviani, Alexis Luevanos, Patricia Jugeat, Linda McCarney.

Jane introduced and welcomed our guests.


  • Net profits from the Agility show was $5,182.48
  • We received a $300 refund from AKC for the fees the club paid for the 2020 Dog Show that was cancelled.
  • We paid the Vet Tech Program $4,000 in scholarship money, and received thank you notes.
  • We paid $1,000 to the Pet Responsibility Committee, which was a bonus to our regular donation, bringing their total to $3,000.

MEMBERSHIP – Marjorie Riddle Watson by Phone

  • The Membership voted unanimously to accept the application of Patricia Jugeat for Membership. Welcome Patricia!

FUN COMMITTEE – Carol Dowd Kamalbake

An outline of upcoming events and programs were described, with more specific information to come later:

  • August 10 Meeting – Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s
  • Wednesday, September 14 – Meet The Berger Picard (thank you Mary Wood for volunteering to present)
  • Sunday, September 25 – Agility Fun Morning at Jane’s Training Building
  • Wednesday, October 12 Regular Meeting at Pinehurst Brewery. One mile dog walk prior to regular meeting. Eat at Brewery afterward. Board Meeting would have to be by zoom or cancelled.
  • Friday – Sunday, October 28 – 30: CAT and FAST CAT at Jane’s Farm.
  • Wednesday, November 9 – Meeting, then Canine Health Foundation with guest tbd.
  • Friday – Sunday, November 25-27: CAT & FAST CAT Weekend.
  • December – Annual Christmas Holiday Party
  • January 2023 – Scent Work Training.

If anyone has questions or ideas, they are welcome to contact any of the FUN Committee Members:

  • Carol Dowd Kamalbake
  • Lynn Cox
  • Naomi Johnson
  • Mary Wood
  • Brenda Lewis
  • Andrea Gumrich

Meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM

Carol Dowd Kamalbake then did a presentation about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, featuring her beautiful and very accomplished Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Fancy.