Membership Meeting

November 9, 2022

Betty Chapman, Beth Verner, Jane Hammett Bright, Patricia Jugeat, Carol Dowd, Kamalbake, Brenda Lewis, Karolynne McAteer, Lynette McMoran, Bill Pace, Patty Pace, Ellen Mantel Pfann, Kathy Scheideman, Lisa Schrank, Robert Stolting, Ruth Stolting, Ursula Walsh, Marjorie Riddle Watson

Guests Attending:

Melissa DeWitt, Kathy Pellerino, Katherine Rice, Ken Rice, Nanette Zeller, Shelley Hohm, Dr. Darin Collins (Guest Speaker – AKC Canine Health Foundation), Kevin Dodge.


Club is healthy. Details can be seen HERE

Our Treasurer is searching for someone to help her with projects. If interested, please contact Betty Chapman


Working on addition of feature videos on dogs, whether it is training, grooming, or an explanation of a Dog Sport. Anyone with an idea, please contact Ellen Pfann.


Agility Financial Report

Next Trial: January 20-22, 2023 at Rising Star Canine Ranch in Oak Ridge, NC. New facility with 2 rings, able to accommodate more exhibitors.

MCKC’s very capable unicorn Agility Chair, Sandy Fisher, was in the hospital last month. The club sent her flowers. And Sandy is feeling much better now, and is looking forward to the new January trial.


Scent Work Seminar being organized for either January or February. Stay tuned. If you wish to join the committee, which plans events throughout the year, please contact Carol Dowd Kamalbake.


Tuesday, December 13, 2022 at Table on the Green. Watch for your invitation that will come by email.


Westminster Kennel Club has rescheduled their 2023 date to May 6-9, and will be preceded by an All-Breed Dog Show sponsored by the Trenton Clubs (dates conflict directly with our own). The educated projection is that the exhibitors who normally come to our shows, will attend the Trenton Shows and then nearby Westminster. More importantly, our Show Committee plans to attend Westminster, leaving the club without important leadership during the show.

There are options, most of which have seen or unseen financial, current and future AKC scheduling, and worker support consequences.

Key show committee members, Karolynne McAteer, Patty Pace, Bill Pace and Treasurer Betty Chapman will be reviewing the Club’s liabilities, contracts, steward availability and Judging Conflicts. The board plans to meet on Monday evening to assess. And the Membership will be informed once the board has a conclusion.


Our Members are busy with their dogs!! Check out the BRAGS PAGE

If you would like your Brag to be listed on our Brags page, please email the specifics with a photo to ELLEN. Your brag should contain the following:

  • Dog’s Call Name
  • Dog’s AKC Name
  • Brag
  • Location of Brag
  • Date of Brag