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History of Charity MCKC has a history of giving to Dog Related Charities since at least 2010, if not earlier. It started out as donations to the Veterinary College. It has expanded since to include Veterinary Technicians, Disaster Relief (locally, nationally and internationally), Military War Dogs, Local Police and Sheriff Departments and more. MCKC’s Giving […]


Some of our Members use their dogs’ special talents to benefit the community. MCKC supports the Pet Responsibility Committee of Moore County with donations, and some of our Members also donate their time in the schools. The following was written by Member Kathy Pellerino about a recent experience volunteering:   As a dog lover and […]

Adopt-A-K9 Cop Update

Moore County Kennel Club is an avid participant in AKC Reunite’s Adopt-A-Cop program. When the club donates $2,500 to a K9 Unit, the AKC will augment with an additional $7,500. Many police department K-9 units are suffering budget cuts and they are unable to solicit money due to town and municipality codes. The donations from AKC Reunite and AKC Clubs allow the police department’s need for a new K-9 to become a reality.